What of looking to others for personal growth?

I wonder at times how one can truly believe the word of another over themselves. I see it regularly. Perchance it is because we are taught at early ages i.e. gods, angels, and the like, that we are not enough. We are not enough to determine what is best for us and where we are going. Or the all too often pondered ‘where we should be.’ That we you or I are just mere pawns in the gods’ chess match. Quite the contrary. We are the hinges in which to keep our door up.

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What of archetypes?

So I hear a lot about archetypes. I think it’s mainly a box for someone to live in, for someone to place us in. Much like other labels, these things can be very dangerous if taken too seriously. If you think you are a particular archetype or WORSE if someone tells you which one you are (enter gasp and exclamations,) maybe you should question the structure before simply accepting it. All too often we are clumped into groups and classifications. I say…less that, and more individuality.